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Carotenoid in the berries of goji may be more useful in treating eye diseases.Their red colour is due to the high content of these carotenoid and lutein, which protects the nets from damage caused by free radicals.The goji berries are a real treasure of vitamin A and C. Du? and there is one in them? b. a helium?Its content is 102 mg/100g.This covers 10% of the daily requirement.Drying is an eye for 14 days.It is worth considering the goji berries as one of the most valuable fruits in the earth.Yeah, one of the goji's berries (about 30 g) is a huge amount of antioxidant substances, including 50% of them. How can we get to know a diet with the yoga products included in it, but how can we best eat them?A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a nourished diet?Ro? ropes are used in chi medicine; as a raw material - flowers and bark?You can eat it as a sweat or pour water and drink it.

For many years, help people to fight sleepless people?Many valuable for health adnik fruits such as vitamins C, E, B. Other studies have shown the presence of many adnik in minerals, including potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.After you have done so with avocados and remained admirers of this exquisite appetizer, a healthy appetizer of the healing fruit will provide us with a bombs of vitamins?bomb? vitamins?Contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, E, PP, acid? in organic, adjective? in mineral and microelement w.In 100 grams of berries it is 2500 mg, which puts the healing fruit in the third place in the world of natural vitamins.Researchers should be able to treat and slow down the process of yoga aging in not polysaccharides.For this reason, the lagoon spoilage is safer because no harmful effects have been identified.However, the best way is to eat ordinary yach yags and goji unprocessed goji such as adding dried yags to yoghurt.

Tibet & Gothic?Goyia can fight off the negative effects of free radicals, their destructive actions in the com ments of numerous antioxidants.May 1,2011: act as a stimulant for resistance, especially anti-oxidant and above all anti-cancer.That's why buy a powdered product not to the end we know what it is like, and therefore what kind of product it will do.The goji berries, called spinned berries, are the fruit of the bush, which does not grow in shaded places and develops like vines? l?You don't need much to make sure that this is the richness of your life since the great civilizations that you can make use of...?The polysaccharide complex is the most important, and at the same time the most important, group of groups in the gothic fruit.Above all, however, it is important to pay attention to the scams that are being committed by companies selling berries.Get to know the most interesting and surprising facts about these extraordinary fruits - goji berries or does he know?For a few years now, the fruit in gourmet has been offered on the European markets in the Far East as a fruit of dw? ch gatunk? in ro ro. ro. ro. ro. rope: the knee of Chinese and the spinner.

We recommend you to grow the Gothic berries - JB1. the position for its cultivation should be warm and humble for us.The origin of the name of this unusual. ro. ro. parental line of magical goji berries is not to the true story story historians and etymologists? stay disputed in this matter, and the truth is that we can only eject homes? la?Gogo Berry should be taken twice a day 1 capsule per day, each one should be filled with water.The goji berry is a variety of red berries, which? ra ro? not on the bush ro? ro? roy o? aci? more sketchly called Lycium Barbarum.They are used by large individuals and according to me they are more effective than the usual dried berries, and a lot more convenient to eat.Our favorite berries contain 2mg/100g, which is twice as much in soya.The vitamin C contained in the fruit is an eye about 500 times bigger than in blackberry.The polyphenols in the chokeberry are nearly 10 times bigger than in dark grapes.heart disease, protects DNA.plays an important role in the prevention of heart disease.

No, we take care to make sure that the product is made from the best as yours, and why it does not cause any side effects.It is recommended that smokers should be treated when they eliminate the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the environment.A number of folk legends and legends are connected with the almost miraculous lines of this rope.Their addition will not only give the original taste to dishes, but r. wnie?pe than everyday diets in active food from.In the case of this supplement, keep you healthy and lose weight.Helps to fight rheumatism and problems of the immune system.Unsaturated fatty acids, responsible for the production of hormone? in the work of the megas and nervous system.How does the immune system stimulation have an effect on the body's stimulation, protects against harmful factors in the body, helps to improve the vision?That's why we invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of our healthy and worthwhile products as well as with the product you want to know?In the process of digestion of sores and regeneration of tissues, it directs the chicken to me?Antioxidants contained in the lamb should reduce oxidative stress, cause the loss of blood and prevent damage to blood vessels.


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